Course Descriptions

Below is a partial list of program courses. Click on the degree or certificate below to view complete course offerings and requirements:

AGRI 100 - Introduction to Agriculture - 3.00 credits

Explore career opportunities and create a strategy for a professional future in agriculture. Introduction to modern agricultural industries, history, management philosophies, and challenges. Course topics include food production, sustainable resource management, global food demands, and economics.

AGRI 102 - Introduction to Agribusiness - 3.00 credits

Overview of all phases of owning, operating, managing, and working in an agriculture-based business. Topics include agriculture economics, planning and organization, management, accounting and finance. This course will also acquaint students with agriculture input and policies as well as domestic and international marketing.

AGRI 120 - Introduction to Plant Science - 4.00 credits

Prerequisites: AGRI 100 or AGRI 102 with a minimum grade of C. Introduction to plant science core principles including plant growth, crop production, ornamental plant culture, and production horticulture.

AGRI 130 - Agribusiness Management - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: AGRI 102 with a minimum grade of C. Principles and practices of agribusiness management developed around the framework of business planning, organizing, controlling, and analysis. Specific topics covered include managerial ethics, group dynamics, employee motivation, communications, decision-making, leadership and management styles, productivity, and organizational effectiveness.

AGRI 140 - Animal Science - 4.00 credits

Prerequisites: AGRI 100 or AGRI 102 with a minimum grade of C. General principles of livestock production and management systems. Topics will include animal selection, breeding, feeding, management, and marketing both major animal production species and new alternative animal production species.

AGRI 200 - Global Agriculture - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: ENGL 101 with a minimum grade of C. This course is an overview of farming and food systems worldwide. Students will discover the agricultural practices in different cultures and how agriculture influences social, economic, governmental, and environmental factors.

AGRI 232 - Agriculture Marketing - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: ECON 210 with a minimum grade of C. This course is a study of the elements of agricultural markets and marketing. Students will learn price analysis, markets for agricultural products, international agricultural trade, marketing strategies, strategic price setting, and creative pricing methodology. The course will cover market and consumer research along with commodities and futures markets.