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Anthropology Course Descriptions

MCC Campus(es) and Contacts:
MCC-Blue River: Cynthia Heddlesten 816.604.6665
MCC-Longview: Ann Raab 816.604.2024 and Melissa Eaton 816.604.2310
MCC-Maple Woods: William Young 816.604.3332
MCC-Penn Valley: Victorie Kelley, Ed.D., 816.604.4455

ANTH 100 - General Anthropology - 3.00 credits

This survey of anthropology emphasizes the four-field holistic approach to the study of humans. This course will focus on both biological and cultural perspectives related to the study of human origins and development, social organization, subsistence patterns, language, culture and adaptation to the environment. (MOTR ANTH 101)

ANTH 110 - Cultural Anthropology - 3.00 credits

This survey of cultural anthropology will explore anthropological theories and methodologies that explore the concepts of culture, social institutions and organization. Topics will include economy, political organization, kinship, family, art, marriage, language, law and religion. (MOTR ANTH 201)