A various range of chemistry courses are offered at MCC to meet the goals of the science majors, pre professional students (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc), as well as non-science majors. Chemistry faculty strives to prepare students to transfer into four-year institutions or professional programs by providing a high-quality educational experience.

Skills you will learn

Learning chemistry helps to develop skills that can be easily transferred to other fields beyond the realm of science.

  • Being able to see and understand the chemistry in the world around you
  • Better understanding of current events to make informed decisions
  • Learn to use chemicals safely even outside the chemistry lab
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Learn to be objective and develop problem solving skills
  • Learn to understand, analyze and present the chemical information
  • Learn to use or explore sophisticated instruments and equipment

MCC offers a range of chemistry electives to choose from including: health sciences, general chemistry and organic chemistry. Electives include ample laboratory time to gain hands-on experience working with various materials.

Career and salary information

Visit the MoSCORES website for information on MCC's programs, including length, credit hours, and wage and employment data. Search Metropolitan Community College. Note: The historical data listed is informational and can vary based on the number of credit hours students earn, local wage conditions and other factors.

Jobs in demand

As a central science, a degree in chemistry opens up various career options. Chemists study the makeup of substances, how they interact and changes they undergo.  One of the popular career paths for the chemists are in the area of research and development.

Chemists can work in a wide variety of industries including plastics, textiles, cosmetics, petroleum refinery, food processing, water and sewage treatment, health sciences, patent law, information science, sales and marketing, government agencies and teaching.

Even if you choose a career in a different field, the skills you gain in chemistry courses are valuable and applicable to almost any career.

Transfer made simple

Many MCC students plan to transfer. Whatever your transfer destination, we'll work to make sure your credits move easily. That's why we're experts at it.

We've worked out specific transfer agreements with many four-year colleges and universities, so make sure you speak with an academic advisor before enrolling, particularly since transfer agreements can change based on curriculum revisions.

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