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Associate in Applied Science

Construction Management Course Descriptions

MCC Campus(es):
MCC-Business & Technology

Program Coordinator:
Leonard Gardner, 816.604.5210

BSAD 100 - Introduction to Accounting - 3.00 credits

Introduction to the steps of the accounting cycle. Practical background in accounting for professional offices and/or merchandising businesses.

BSAD 101 - Accounting Principles I - 3.00 credits

Practice and application of the accounting principles involved in the process of preparing financial statements in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Includes accounting procedures for cash, accounts receivable, inventory, depreciation and payroll.

BSAD 109 - Principles of Supervision - 3.00 credits

This course is an integrated approach involving a variety of issues confronting supervisors and provides practical solutions within a diversified workforce and a global marketplace. The course explores how supervisors relate to employees, other supervisors and upper management, and emphasizes skills applications couples with Internet activities that require students to seek current information.

BSAD 120 - Organizational Behavior - 3.00 credits

Course investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and organizational structures have on behavior in the workplace. The student will develop individual competencies with emphasis in business environments. The acquired competencies can be applied toward improving individual and organizational effectiveness.

BSAD 127 - Management Internship I - 3.00 credits

On-the-job experience approved by the coordinator.

BSAD 128 - Management Internship II - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: BSAD 127. On-the-job experience approved by the coordinator.

BSAD 153 - Accounting Information Systems - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: BSAD 101. Investigations, application, and utilization of accounting software packages in a computerized business accounting system.

BSAD 204 - Business Management - 3.00 credits

Principles and practices of business management developed around the framework of the functions of planning, organizing, and controlling. Specific topics covered includes: managerial ethics, group dynamics, employee motivation, communications, decision-making, leadership and management styles, productivity, and organizational effectiveness.

BSAD 205 - Marketing - 3.00 credits

The principles of marketing involves the structure of marketing institutions in a global environment. The course includes analysis of marketing functions, consumer behavior, segmentation, market research, product planning, pricing, promotion, distribution and marketing strategies. Internet and electronic mail activities are integrated to develop competencies in data collection, application and task analysis.

BSAD 219 - Entrepreneurship - 3.00 credits

A combined practical, hands-on, and academic approach to entrepreneurship via the creative and innovative process of recognizing opportunity, gathering resources and creating a feasibility study around conceptualizing a business idea and business plan.

BSAD 221 - Business Communications - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: ENGL 90 with a grade of S, or appropriate placement test. Business Communications identifies the scope and structure of communications within a business environment. The areas of study include writing processes involving a wide variety of business correspondences. Instruction in current methods of electronic communication will be provided. Emphasis is placed on formal reports within the APA and MLA formats/structures.

BSAD 270 - Legal Environment of Business - 3.00 credits

Provides a survey of laws that are important to persons as citizens of the United States and as participants in its economic system.

CSMG 101 - Introduction to Construction Management - 3.00 credits

Overview of construction as a profession and of the construction industry, including safety, types of construction, professional organizations, contract delivery systems, ethics, communication and software applications within construction.

CSMG 110 - Problem Solving/Decision Making - 1.00 credits

Topics include information to help the supervisor understand that effective decision-making is a vitally important management skill. Processes are examined to assist the supervisor in performance decision-making.

CSMG 120 - OSHA and Site Security - 1.00 credits

The Occupational Safety and Health Act will be studied and interpreted. The student will learn to recognize and avoid dangerous conditions and understand theft prevention techniques for the construction job site.

CSMG 130 - Cost Awareness/Production Control - 1.00 credits

Students will study conditions that must be met if production is to be under control. Participants will be able to use the Short Interval Production Schedule (SIPS) and will recognize factors that affect both the productivity of their work crews and the workers.

CSMG 140 - Beginning Print Reading - 2.00 credits

Participants will learn print reading for construction including how to use symbols, work drawings, survey plats, electrical plans and all other drawings related to construction, as well as the relationship of specifications to drawings.

CSMG 150 - Construction Management Leadership - 2.00 credits

Students will develop and understanding of leadership and motivation as it relates to the construction trades. Core areas of concentration will be resources, supervisory role, teams and leadership skill development.

CSMG 160 - Construction Project Management - 2.00 credits

Students will explore the techniques used to manage a construction project for which they are responsible and accountable.

CSMG 170 - Communication for Construction Management - 2.00 credits

Students will understand communication as it relates to the construction industry. The importance of good communication skills in the workplace will be the focus of this course.

CSMG 180 - General and Specialty Contractor Dynamics - 2.00 credits

Students will explore all construction systems and the contractual relationships between the general and subcontractors on a construction job-site.

CSMG 205 - Intermediate Print Reading - 2.00 credits

Prerequisite: CSMG 140. Participants will learn how to read prints for energy saving structures. Steel-frame structures and reinforced concrete structures. Site plans, floor plans, elevations riser diagrams and all other construction details.

CSMG 210 - Accident Prevention and Loss Control - 1.00 credits

Participants will learn to think proactively about safety in their daily activities and have a good knowledge of the risks involved in construction projects. They will also understand that there are many economic as well as humanistic consequences of unsafe operations.

CSMG 215 - Construction Planning & Scheduling - 3.00 credits

Prerequisites: CSIS 115. Introduction to commonly used techniques and computer applications for the planning, scheduling, monitoring, and controlling of construction projects. Topics include key scheduling techniques such as Gantt Chart, Critical Path Method (CPM), Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT), Linear Scheduling Method (LSM), and Earned Value Method (EVM); practical scheduling practices such as tracking, controlling, and forecasting trends of schedules, cost control, and reporting.

CSMG 220 - Construction Planning and Scheduling - 2.00 credits

Participants will study the techniques used to plan and organize jobs for which they are responsible and accountable as well as understand the importance of timely and accurate reporting.

CSMG 225 - Construction Methods & Materials - 3.00 credits

Prerequisites: CSMG 101 w/ C grade or higher. This course is an introduction to the basic building materials, components, methods, and sequences in residential construction. The class is organized around the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Format. We will use a simple set of building prints and specifications to structure our discussion of the building process, and learn about the materials specified for use in that structure, along with possible alternatives.

CSMG 230 - Productivity Improvement - 2.00 credits

Participants will study productivity improvement as well as external factors and internal factors that influence productivity. Necessary functions for a productive project will be analyzed.

CSMG 235 - LEED GA - 3.00 credits

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introductory knowledge and understanding of the basic aspects of street and roadway design, construction and maintenance.

CSMG 245 - Introduction to Industrial Process Construction - 1.00 credits

Prerequisite: CSMG 101 w/ C grade or higher. This course introduces students to the terminology and functional details of mechanical and electrical systems common to process and industrial plant projects. Installation methods and management techniques specific to industrial construction for mechanical and electrical systems are discussed.

CSMG 250 - Construction Estimating - 2.00 credits

Participants will learn how to bid on construction projects, including all styles of the bid process and learn follow-up and management techniques.

CSMG 255 - Project Cost Estimating - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: CSIS 115 & CSMG 101 with a minimum grade of C. Principles of construction estimating. Topics include estimating quantities of material using reference books, tables and the Construction Specifications Institute (C.S.I.) format and preparing estimating reports.

CSMG 260 - Contract Documents - 2.00 credits

This course will help supervisors effectively use job related documents. Participants will understand contract documents are as important as any piece of equipment on the jobsite.

CSMG 265 - Public Works Construction - 1.00 credits

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introductory knowledge and understanding of the basic aspects of street and roadway design, construction and maintenance.

CSMG 270 - Advanced Print Reading - 2.00 credits

Prerequisite: CSMG 205. Participants will learn how to read prints for energy saving, steel-frame and reinforced concrete structures. Other print readings will include site and floor plans, elevations riser diagrams and all other construction details.

CSMG 285 - Construction Contracts & Documents - 3.00 credits

Prerequisites: CSMG 101 w/ C grade or higher. Principles of construction contracts and documents, based on the Construction Specifications Institute format, covering various contract methods, document precedent, phases of the design process and how documents relate to that process. This course will present the value and importance of how construction documents define the rights of, responsibilities of and relationships among all the parties that are necessary for the successful completion of any project.

CSMG 295 - Building Codes and Code Administration - 3.00 credits

Prerequisites: CSMG 101. Study of national, state, and local regulations applicable to specification and performance of building construction standards. The International Building Code is utilized as the primary reference resource.


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