Foreign Language Interpreting

The Foreign Language Interpreting program prepares functionally-bilingual students to work as entry-level interpreters in health care and legal contexts.

There is an urgent need for formal training in the Kansas City area for qualified foreign language interpreters, particularly in the judicial and health care settings.

Program highlights

  • Small class size. The class is limited to 28 students.
  • One year certificate curriculum with two fall classes, two spring classes and an summer internship. (Classes meet for eight weeks, two evenings a week for approximately 3 hours.)
  • The internship is under the supervision of a professional interpreter who will aid the student in using the skills and applying the knowledge gained from previous semesters.
  • The MCC-Maple Woods program accommodates many languages by spending some class time on theoretical and practical topics relevant to all interpreting students.
  • English is the language spoken in class during this part of class time. For the remainder of the course, students group into language pairs to practice their proficiency as interpreters.

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Student testimonials

"I think that this program, more than any other, turned me from just a bilingual person into a well-equipped and highly trained interpreter."

"This program really opened my eyes to the difference between being bilingual and interpreting professionally. It takes a lot of hard work to interpret on a professional and quality level, but if you love language and helping people, then it is definitely worth it."

"Great program. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in interpreting."

"Fantastic teachers will prepare you for the field."

"Instructors provide you with real-life experiences and knowledge."

"Before I began MCC-Maple Woods Foreign Language Interpreting program, I was already working in the field of medical interpreting. This program enriched and widened my knowledge about the interpreting career in the medical and legal field. After completing this program, I feel more confident accepting assignments in the court system, social services, and education field."

"My instructors were very well qualified and inspired me to continue to pursue this career which I have found rewarding and fulfilling."


The job prospects for engineers are excellent, with many receiving multiple job offers before graduation and most students finding employment immediately after completing their bachelor's degree.

Above average outlook for Interpreters and Translators in the healthcare field

Visit Occupational Information Network (O*NET) to view careers salary information and employment outlook.


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