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Geology Course Descriptions

MCC Campus(es):
MCC-Blue River
MCC-Maple Woods

MW-William Young, 816.604.3332

GEOL 101 - Physical Geology - 5.00 credits

Study of plate tectonics, rocks, minerals, volcanoes, earthquakes, resources, geologic time, and the processes that affect the surface and the interior of the earth. Laboratory analysis of rocks and minerals. Interpretation of topographic and geologic maps as investigative tools. Optional field trips. (MOTR GEOL 100L)

GEOL 102 - Historical Geology - 4.00 credits

History of the earth from its origin as a planet to the present time. Succession of geologic formations and their contained fossils in revealing the evolution of the earth and forms of life throughout the four and a half billion years of geologic time. Laboratory analysis of geologic problems and identification of fossils. Optional field trip.

GEOL 103 - Environmental Geology - 5.00 credits

Introduces fundamental concepts and philosophy of environmental study; discusses natural hazards with underlying causes and human interaction with the environment; applies environmental concepts to problems of pollution, garbage, and hazardous waste; explores the source, types, availability, and evaluates intelligent use of geologic resources; suggests techniques for hazard prevention and remediation; addresses current media topics concerning the environment. (MOTR GEOL 100L)