Geologists study the earth to better understand its history, composition and structure.

Within the geology field, there are different areas of focus - mineralogists who study rocks, minerals and stones; paleontologists who determine what the earth was like during prehistoric times; and ecologists who strive to protect the environment are just a few.


  • MCC offers a range of geology electives to choose from including: physical geology, environment, oceanography and photovoltaics systems.
  • Our MCC-Blue River campus includes a wind turbine and solar panels so you can gain hands-on training. Many electives include trips outside the classroom to make learning more interactive.
  • Our geology program built around the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree that can transfer to a four-year institution. It provides a well-rounded general educational foundation and electric options to focus on your interests.



The science of geology applies to many careers areas including the petroleum industry, natural gas industry, oil companies, engineering firms, environmental firms, construction, teaching and research


Visit Occupational Information Network (O*NET) to view salary information and employment outlook.


Transfer made simple

Whatever your transfer destination, we'll work to make sure your credits move easily. That's why we're experts at it. We've worked out specific transfer agreements with many four-year colleges and universities.

While MCC does not offer a degree in this field, these lower division (freshman/sophomore level) courses move with you to a four year college or university and depending on your chosen major may apply toward your degree or as an elective.

Check with your transfer school and your Student Success Advisor for the most accurate and timely transfer information.


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