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MCC English Discipline

Philosophy Course Descriptions

MCC Campus(es) and Contacts:
MCC-Blue River
MCC-Longview: Melissa Eaton 816.604.2310
MCC-Maple Woods: Crystal Johnson 816.604.3326
MCC-Penn Valley: Victorie Kelley, Ed.D., 816.604.4455

PHIL 100 - Introduction to Philosophy - 3.00 credits

This course will introduce students to the fundamental questions of human existence including the foundation of knowledge, the nature of ethical, religious, and social values and meaning, conceptions of being, and human freedom. Consideration will be given to the application of philosophical methods to contemporary society and problems. (MOTR PHIL 100)

PHIL 101 - Philosophy of Religion - 3.00 credits

This course is an inquiry into the nature of religion and religious claims, religious thought, and religious language. It includes such philosophical topics as arguments for the existence of God; arguments against the existence of God; the problem of evil, the relationship between religion and other disciplines such as science, history, and ethics; religious language and its special problems; the influence of religion and the philosophy of religion on the contemporary world, and other specific philosophical and theological problems. (MOTR RELG 100)

PHIL 148 - Critical Thinking - 3.00 credits

An introduction to the theory and practice of logical analysis. Special emphasis is placed upon the logical appraisal of everyday arguments, increasing critical evaluation of sources, and recognizing subtle and not-so-subtle bias. The end will be that students increase their powers of rational thought, including the application of general principles and specific cases. This course is recommended for all general education students. (MOTR PHIL 101)

PHIL 200 - Logic - 3.00 credits

An introduction to the art of rational thinking as applied to the critical evaluation of information, the construction and evaluation of deductive and inductive arguments, the resolution of practical and intellectual problems, and the persuasive defense of ideas. (MOTR PHIL 101)

PHIL 203 - Ethics - 3.00 credits

This course is designed to introduce the student to the discipline of ethics and the philosophical questions and issues that arise from within it. It will include a historical overview of several traditional theories of ethics and approaches to ethical decision-making, an examination of the role of reason and logic in ethical analysis, and a consideration of some of the many ethical dilemmas and problems which confront our society today. (MOTR PHIL 102)

PHIL 266 - World Religions - 3.00 credits

This course considers the philosophical foundations of a variety of religions. Major ideas include the nature of God(s), the nature of the self, divine communication/revelation, and values embodied in the behaviors and rituals that are characteristic of religious life. This course develops a broad understanding of global religion, discussing Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), Central Asian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism), East Asian Religions (Taoism, Confucianism), and Indigenous Ethnic Religions (Native American, Sub-Saharan, Austronesian, et al). (MOTR RELG 100)