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Sociology Course Descriptions

MCC Campus(es) and Contacts:
MCC-Blue River
MCC-Longview: Melissa Eaton 816.604.2310
MCC-Maple Woods: Crystal Johnson 816.604.3326
MCC-Penn Valley: Victorie Kelley, Ed.D., 816.604.4455

SOCI 101 - Sex Roles and Sexuality - 3.00 credits

Sociological, psychological, and physiological perspectives of the contemporary human sexuality, development of sex roles, and on alternatives for personal, interrelational and societal adjustment.

SOCI 160 - Sociology - 3.00 credits

Introduction to sociological principles, practices, and concepts with emphasis on groups, culture, personality, society, communication, cities, and social institutions. Family, religion, government, social change, social control, and social progress. (MOTR SOCI 101)

SOCI 163 - Contemporary Social Issues - 3.00 credits

The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with a variety of modern social issues, which may include social inequality, violence, educational issues, crime and imprisonment, prostitution, economic inequality and poverty, racial inequality, gender discrimination, environmental issues, illness and the medical care system. To say something is a social issue is not simply to observe negative outcomes, but to make a claim that society in general is concerned about the issue. The goal is to become increasingly aware of the social forces that shape our lives; gaining insight into how our social environments penetrate our thinking and views of the world. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to draw sociological inferences from observations, which is the “sociological imagination.” (MOTR SOCI 201).

SOCI 220 - Marriage and Family Living - 3.00 credits

This course will introduce students to the study of family living in the United States. Attention will be given to the research methods and theoretical framework for understanding family from a sociological perspective. Consideration will also be given to the diversity of family in contemporary society.