Surgical Technology


Surgical technologists work closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses in hospital operating rooms and outpatient surgery centers. The surgical technologist prepares the operating room for surgery, assures surgical equipment works properly, is stored correctly and assists the surgical team in ensuring the operating conditions are safe and sterile.

Personal qualities

Characteristics of a successful surgical technologist include but are not limited to; take and follow direction under stressful, emergency situations, multitask with attention to detail and organization, work collaboratively as part of a team, stable temperament, responsible and caring.

Essential functions

Manual dexterity, physical stamina and the ability to move quickly are vital.

Professional certification/licensure

Students will sit for the NBSTSA national certification examination as part of the program. Successful completion of this examination allows program graduates to use the professional credentials CST, Certified Surgical Technologist.


Application information

Additional steps are required for acceptance into this program beyond the standard MCC admissions application. This is a three semester program that begins in June and accepts approximately twenty five students per cohort.


  1. Complete all required prerequisite courses.
  2. Download the program Application/Admission Packet (PDF) and follow the directions carefully. Be sure to note all of the program requirements.
  3. Apply for financial aid. The federal financial aid application (FAFSA) is also available online.

Program acceptance

You will be contacted within two weeks of the application deadline to let you know if you were accepted into the program. Students accepted into the program will work directly with the program coordinator to determine next steps. Students not accepted into the program should contact the Student Advising Department or the Health Science Institute to determine next steps.

Program costs

MCC provides many ways to help pay for your education through financial aid, scholarships, loans, etc.. A tuition payment plan is also available. Learn more about MCC's tuition and fees. All costs are subject to change without notice.

Tuition ST A.A.S.-63-70 cr. hr. Central Services Sterilization
Certificate-4 cr. hr.
In District: $116 per cr. hr. $7,540-$8,236 $464
Out of District: $228 cr. hr. $14,364-$15,732 $912
Out of State: $307 cr. hr. $19,341-$21,183 $1,228
Program Fees Total Cost
Textbooks Fees $850
CPR Certification Fee (2-year) $50
Certified Profile Fee (Medical Document Manager) $35
Criminal Background Check Fee $39
FCSR (Family Registry Screening) $12
Drug Screen Fee $32
Liability Insurance $80
Immunizations Costs will vary
Course Fees Total Cost*
Program fee per course [$150.00 x 10 SURT courses] $1,500
AST Membership & CST Examination $300

Approximate cost*

Total approximate cost of the surgical technology program and Central Services Sterilization Certification (In District): ST AAS=$10,438, CS Certification=$644 (SURT 103 course)

Program outcomes

Annual Reporting Year Academic Year Number of Qualified Applicants Number of Students Enrolled Goal Class Size=30 Number of Graduates/Completers Completers Required=15 Retention Percentage Retention Required= 60%
2018 8.1.2016 - 7.31.2017 28 16 16 100%
2019 8.1.2017 - 7.31.2018 40 22 22 100%
2020 8.1.2018 - 7.31.2019 34 21 19 90%
Annual Reporting Year Academic Year *Job Placement Percentage (to include related field or continuing education) Required percentage = 80% *TSA Pass Rate Results
Number of Students Who Took the Exam/ Number of Students Who Passed
(Required 70% pass rate and
100% participation on the CST)
TSA Results (Average Scores) *Employer Survey Return Rate= (50%) Satisfaction Percentage = 85% *Graduate Survey Return Rate= (50%) Satisfaction Percentage=
2018 8.1.2016 - 7.31.2017 97% 11/16 passed
the examination (CST)
Pass rate=69%
Program Average=69.5%
National Averages:
CST Exam=60.4%
CST WBT=75.9%
Return Rate=70%
Return Rate=100%
2019 8.1.2017 - 7.31.2018 100% 12/22 passed
the examination (CST)
Pass rate=55%
Program Average=55.8%
National Averages:
CST Exam=?
Return Rate=71%
Return Rate=100%
2020 8.1.2018 - 7.31.2019 100% 16/19 passed
the examination (CST)
Pass rate=84%
Program Average=84.2% National Averages:
CST Exam=?
Return Rate=?
Return Rate=100%

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