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Associate in Applied Science

Veterinary Technology - Course Descriptions

MCC Campus(es):
MCC-Maple Woods

Veterinary Technology Department, 816.604.3235

Application deadline: April 1st

VETT 100 - Veterinary Practice Management - 2.00 credits

Orientation to career opportunities available in veterinary technology. Professional ethics, public relations, and psychological adjustment of the student in terms of understanding the need for physical treatment, and care of animals. Client relations, vaccination programs, regulatory organizations, receptionists duties, breeds and breed characteristics, neutering, puppy care, diets and hospital management.

VETT 101 - Principles of Animal Science I - 4.00 credits

Principles of handling, housing, and management of animals. Basic dietary and sanitation requirements. Restraint and handling, administration of medications, bathing, skin scraping, and basic laboratory tests. Emphasis on animal physiology including the cell, muscle, nervous, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. Introduction to anesthesia and general animal nursing.

VETT 108 - Clinical Mathematics for Veterinary Technicians - 1.00 credits

Prerequisite: Admission to the Veterinary Technician Program. Vocabulary. Metric and apothecary conversions. Drug and dosage calculations. Preparation of solutions based on percents, ratios and drugs. Infusion flow rates and constant rate infusion.

VETT 110 - Principles of Animal Science II - 4.00 credits

Prerequisite: VETT 101 & Admission to the Veterinary Technology program. Anesthesia and the physiology of the digestive, urinary, endocrine, and reproductive systems. Blood and specimen collection, basic bandaging, and introduction to surgical preparation and radiographic processing.

VETT 111 - Sanitation & Animal Care - 2.00 credits

Introduction to microorganisms, sanitation, disinfectants, sterilization, and zoonotic diseases and public health problems. Introduction to parasitology and vermin control, specimen preservation, instrument identification, cleaning, and sterilization, sanitary procedures in patient care.

VETT 200 - Veterinary Hospital Technology I - 3.00 credits

Prerequisites: VETT 101 & VETT 110 & Admission to the Veterinary Technology program. Administration of anesthetics and surgical assisting, bandaging, casting, blood transfusions, surgical preparations and postoperative procedures, parenteral fluid administration, and intravenous hookups. Introduction to orthopedics, electrocardiography, bone marrow cytology, and pharmacology.

VETT 201 - Clinical Pathology Techniques I - 4.00 credits

Introduction to laboratory procedures including preparation of blood smears, cell identification, fecal analysis, and parasitology, urinalysis and urine sediment valuation.

VETT 202 - Veterinary Anatomy - 5.00 credits

Prerequisite: BIOL 101 or BIOL 106 & VETT 101 & VETT 110. Basic principles of anatomy using a systemic approach. Physiology as it relates to anatomy and applicable pathology involving the animal body systems. Comparison of the animal species using the cat for dissection.

VETT 203 - Laboratory Animal Technology - 2.00 credits

Prerequisite: VETT 101, VETT 110 & VETT 201 & Admission to the Veterinary Technology program. Restraint and handling of laboratory animals and birds. Blood collection, restraint, identification, medicating, anesthesia, and specimen collection. Technical skills for laboratory animal research.

VETT 209 - Equine Medicine and Management - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: VETT 212 & Admission to the Veterinary Technology program. Breeds and types of horses and their use. A study of conformation as it relates to soundness, horse psychology, fitting, conditioning, first aid and restraint, parasites and their control, farm management for safety, nutrition, mare care, breeding, foaling, hoof soundness, equine diseases and their prevention.

VETT 210 - Veterinary Hospital Technology II - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: VETT 200 & Admission to the Veterinary Technology program. Introduction of anesthetics, surgical assisting, bandaging, casting, blood transfusions, surgical preparations, and post-operative care. Administration of parenteral fluid and emergency treatments. Introduction to ophthalmology and dermatology.

VETT 211 - Clinical Pathology Techniques II - 5.00 credits

Prerequisite: VETT 201 & Admission to the Veterinary Technology program. Theory and performance in hematologic, urinalysis, clinical chemistry, and parasitology. Introduction to simple immunologic tests, blood coagulation tests, and bone marrow evaluation. Emphasis on hematology and hemoparasites.

VETT 212 - Large Animal Technology - 4.00 credits

Prerequisite: VETT 101 & VETT 110 & Admission to the Veterinary Technology program. Techniques necessary to assist the veterinarian in a large animal or mixed practice and in research facilities. Bovine, porcine, and ovine and caprine medicine and management including restraint, blood collection, medicating, and nursing techniques.

VETT 213 - Radiology and Electronic Procedures - 2.00 credits

Intensive study and practice in radiological techniques, radiographic exposure techniques, film processing, contrast radiography, and machine electronics.

VETT 214 - Veterinary Technician Preceptorship - 6.00 credits

Prerequisite: Two semesters of first-year veterinary technology courses. Supervised intensive clinical study under direction of cooperation veterinarian to provide 400 hours of actual work experience.


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