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Spring 2022 Enrollment Numbers - State Aid Day (2/14/2022)

The following enrollment numbers are as of State Aid Day (2/14/2022).  The official enrollment numbers for Spring 2022 will be posted under the Campus Facts and Figures tab after the term is complete and data has been finalized.

Total Enrollment

State Aid Day Total Enrollment Graph

Notes: Some students attend classes at more than one campus.  Numbers include Dual Credit students.

Dual Credit Enrollment

State Aid Day Dual Credit Enrollment Graph

Notes:  Dual Credit indicates high school students taking MCC courses taught by a high school instructor at a high school or MCC campus. Some students may attend dual credit classes sponsored through more than one campus.

Enrollment by Gender

State Aid Day Enrollment By Gender Graph

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

State Aid Day Enrollment By Race/Ethnicity Graph

 Notes:  Minority excludes White, Non-Resident Aliens, and Race Unspecified.

Enrollment by Age

State Aid Day Enrollment By Age Graph

Median and Average Age

State Aid Day Enrollment By Median and Average Age Graph

Enrollment by Academic Load

State Aid Day Enrollment By Academic Load Graph

Enrollment by Student Classification

State Aid Day Enrollment By Student Classification Graph

First Term Enrolled: refers to any student new to MCC in the current term regardless of admit type.
Continuing: refers to students who attended the previous term and have re-enrolled in the subsequent term.
Returning: refers to students who have previously attended MCC, but were not enrolled in the previous term.

Sources:  PeopleSoft Enrollment Report Query for Spring 2022 State Aid Day and Analytics State Aid Day Snapshot.