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Health Science Institute Consulting Services

Healthcare organizations have depended on Metropolitan Community College to train and educate the area's workforce.

With the launch of our state-of-the-art Health Science Institute, we are even better equipped to provide your healthcare organization with training and tools necessary to maintain a safe and efficient workplace.

Our comprehensive training and consulting services will help you manage change, reduce medical errors and improve your operations.

Find out how our integrated consulting and training solutions will take your organization to the next level in healthcare administration and delivery.

Let us improve the health of your organization.

Health & Safety

Your employees spend their days caring for the health and well-being of patients, and studies show this is sometimes at the expense of their own safety. Those who interact with patients are at higher risk for occupational injuries and illnesses because they are not aware of the potential hazards in their daily routines.

We can help reduce that risk with health & safety training and consulting services.

As the only OSHA Training Institute Education Center in the region, we are equipped to keep your staff current on industry standards and procedures. We'll make sure everyone understands their role making your organization a safe and healthy place to work.

Our customized training and expert safety consulting services will help you...

  • avoid OSHA citations.
  • reduce the incidence of costly worker's compensation claims.
  • improve employee productivity.
  • attract a talented clinical workforce.
  • boost employee morale.

Human Resources

The healthcare industry is rapidly changing. A high-performance organization requires workers who are both skilled and intuitive and a human resource department that is both efficient and strategic.

Our human resources training and consulting services can help you increase the value of your most important asset-your employees-by improving human resources practices. We will identify strategic needs of your organization to increase employee retention by best aligning employees with the right jobs and the right training.

We can provide assistance to your HR department by...

  • determining compliance gaps and making recommendations on how best to address them.
  • identifying process improvements to enhance efficiencies in HR.
  • serving as a resource for HR staff by answering questions on policy, employee or regulatory matters.
  • filling in temporarily when a member of the HR staff is not available for critical project tasks.
  • training your employees on important skills like problem solving, communication and teamwork.

Our consultants will work with your team to customize a solution that fits your human resources and training needs.

Lean Enterprise

The best healthcare organizations are both efficient and effective. But, achieving true efficiency and effectiveness at the same time can be challenging.

By using proven Lean techniques, our performance consultants will evaluate your organization's processes and implement controls that help maximize value.

We will...

  • identify sources of wasted energy, resources and time,
  • help you eliminate waste without disruption,
  • train your team to analyze the flow of information and develop process improvements,
  • reduce patient waiting time at every stage of delivery,
  • create a better patient experience with improvements to quality of care,
  • improve employee morale,
  • reduce costs to positively impact your bottom line.

After we help you implement a Lean Enterprise program, you will see positive systemic changes that lead to decreased medical errors and enhanced customer service.

Health Information Technology

National adoption of electronic health records is on the horizon. And we are entering a revolution in health information management and technology. Healthcare providers and the general public will require intensive training on how to access, utilize and maintain new medical information systems.

In partnership with the area's Regional Extension Centers and Health Information Exchange Centers, we will work with you to support your conversion and implementation process.

We've got both sides covered.

  • Our health information technology instructors have private-sector and education industry experience that enables them assess needs and address demands in healthcare work environments.
  • Our performance consultants are experts in implementation of new technology who know how to simplify the conversion process for new users.

Locations & Special Facilities

SSH: Society for Simulation in Healthcare - Accredited Program (Teaching/Education)

For questions about healthcare training and consulting services, please contact the MCC Virtual Hospital Simulation Center 

Telephone: 816.604.4486

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