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Maple Woods

Maple Woods Storytelling

Join us for the 18th Annual Storytelling Celebration, Nov. 8-11, 2017 sponsored by MCC-Maple Woods.
Year 2016

The Kansas City Storytelling Celebration, hosted by MCC-Maple Woods, will be celebrated with lively stories, anecdotes, myths, legends and lessons. Our 18th Annual Celebration will celebrate the time honored tradition of storytelling and will be held in more than 100 sites across the Kansas City metro area.  For a schedule of public events visit

Our featured tellers for 2017 are:


Check out teller videos from past celebrations:

Charlotte Blake AlstonCharlotte Blake Alston

Charlotte Blake Alston tells "The Conjure Woman". She breathes life into traditional and contemporary stories from African and African American oral and cultural traditions. 


Jim Two Crows WallenJim Two Crows Wallen

Jim Two Crows Wallen is a freelance oral historian who combines his love of history with a good story keeping you spellbound. As the oldest son of an oldest son, Two Crows grew up in a rich heritage of storytelling.


Geneva GreenfieldGeneva Greenfield

Geneva Greenfield loves to tell all kinds of stories. She tells folktales, slavery stories and ghost stories. She also tells Teddy Bear tales to all ages. Her stories are filled with laughter and tears, Geneva says the story is the star, not the teller.


Tim TingleTim Tingle

Tim Tingle tells the story of "The Choctaw Alligator Man". Tim is an Oklahoma Choctaw and an award-winning author and storyteller. His great-great grandfather, John Carnes, walked the Trail of Tears in 1835. Responding to a scarcity of Choctaw lore, Tingle began collecting tribal stories in the early 90's.

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