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MCC Straegic Plan Logo - MCC Reimagined

The Board of Trustees and employees of Metropolitan Community College are committed to the success of all MCC students in realizing their personal academic and career goals.

In doing so, we recognize that success is defined by students — whether they attain a degree and/or certificate, transfer, obtain workforce skills, supplement their study at another institution, or fulfill another personal objective.

MCC is progressing as noted in the timeline below and is pleased to provide the following update to the Strategic Plan development.

Current progress:

Internal Strategic Plan Virtual Discussions/Charrettes

  • 24 sessions held between Feb. 22 – April 5
  • Over 130 employees participated
  • Over 500 expressions of ideas were documented to help inform the development of strategic themes
  • Employee groups were represented as follows:
    • Faculty = 37 or 28%
    • Staff = 70 or 52%
    • Administration = 27 or 20%

External Community Member Strategic Plan Virtual Discussions/Charrettes

  • Sessions were held on March 30 and March 31
  • 76 community members participated
  • Nearly all sectors were present including: healthcare, non-profit, local government, and many more
  • Over 175 expressions of ideas were noted to help inform the development of strategic themes Upcoming Next Steps
  • Internal MCC Organizational Values Discussions/Charrettes
  • External Planning Session with Newly Voted In-district K-12 schools
  • Student engagement
  • MCC Alumni engagement

Strategic Plan Phases (15 months)

MCC Straegic Plan Phases - MCC Reimagined

Download MCC's Strategic Plan Phases (PDF)

Learn more about MCC's Current Strategic Plan