MCC-Maple Woods Clubs & Orgs

So, you want to get involved ...

This semester we will be hosting a combination of in-person, hybrid and virtual events/activities. Please contact our office at for a listing of events.

The office of Campus Life and Leadership makes getting involved easy. You can get involved in various activities, organizations, and opportunities. Making these connections can enhance and complement your educational experience and success.

Listed below are just a few clubs and organizations active at MCC-Maple Woods, including club or organization name, description and advisor information.

If you are interested in joining, please reach out to the specific advisor or Campus Life & Leadership.

If you don't see something you like, you can start your club. Please stop by the Campus Life & Leadership office (Student Center 130) or email to learn more about starting a club.

Active clubs and organizations

Inactive clubs

The following clubs/organizations have been a part of MCC-Maple Woods in the past. Currently, they are not active - but can be revitalized.

If you are interested please contact the Campus Life and Leadership office by calling 816.604.3319, e-mailing or stopping by Student Center 130.

American Sign Language Club

The mission of MCC- Maple Woods American Sign Language Club is to provide an outlet for students to participate in community service and give back to their campus and community. While doing so, creating friendships and networks with others.

Art Club 

The Art Club serves as a creative outlet for students to raise awareness and promote the arts within our campus and surrounding communities.

Business Marketing Club

Business Marketing Club promotes and utilizes student's business skills. Our main objective is to give our members hands on business experiences, teamwork project skills and internship opportunities.

Chess Club

To teach the basics of chess and prepare for tournaments. Students may receive training in a variety of chess styles such as: bullet, classical and blitz.

Cycling Club

Cycling Club is for students who are interested in all aspects of bicycling. We meet weekly for safe, organized, group bicycle rides. Riders of all skill levels are welcome - there will be no drops. One of the goals of Cycling Club is to ensure a better commuting experience (facilities, repairs, etc.) for those commuting to campus by methods other than motor vehicles.

Dreamers Club

Dreamers club is an all-inclusive club focused on giving a voice, bringing awareness, and giving back to marginalized communities. We focus on LGBTQIA+, people of color, disability awareness, mental health awareness and more.

Dungeons & Dragons

The Dungeons & Dragons club is dedicated to playing classic tabletop role playing games such as the D&D, Cipher, Pathfinder and others. Every semester we play adventures that explore the depths of fantastical worlds, fight their monsters and claim their treasure for ourselves, all in the comfort of the school's classrooms.

Fostering Optimism Through Awareness

FOTA seeks to provide a positive environment on and off campus by promoting friendship, unity and creativity. Through support, group activities, events and community service, our goal is to uplift the individual, campus and community.

Improv Theater Club

Improv Club seeks to offer students a creative outlet with improvised theater. We play games and perform skits to entertain the community with shows throughout the semester.

Vet Tech Club

Vet Tech Club promotes professionalism and leadership through the organization of campus, club and community events. Improving the health and well-being of animals through education is a priority.