Corporate College

MCC Corporate College offers workforce training programs to all business sizes and individuals in the Kansas City region by partnering with them to assess the best workforce solutions to achieve their business goals. 

We provide services that are affordable, flexible, convenient, and of excellent quality.  

Benefits for businesses

  • Develop a skilled workforce to meet your business goals.
  • Attract, hire, and retain qualified employees.
  • Improve business operations and efficiency. 


  • Affordable, flexible, and convenient training options.
  • Expertise in various industries and subjects.
  • Training delivered at your worksite or MCC's facilities.
  • Customized training programs tailored to your specific needs.
  • Assessments
  • Business consulting

Overall, MCC Corporate College helps businesses grow and succeed by providing the skilled workforce they need. 

As leaders in workforce training, our Corporate College is a perfect fit to handle your business training needs by synchronizing effective industry practices with the resources of an accredited academic institution and the speed of business and industry. 

We want to contribute to your success and growth by providing opportunities to attract, hire, and retain a highly-skilled, motivated, and flexible workforce. 

Let MCC’s Corporate College help you and your company take its skills and resources to the next level.  

Customized training 

Corporate College customized training is the best resource for meeting your needs for a highly trained and skilled workforce. 

We can help you gain a competitive advantage in a challenging global marketplace through our state-of-the-art facilities, ability to bring training to your site, assessment services, extensive subject matter expert resources, and flexible options for scheduling training. 

Also, if your company needs degrees or credit, almost any credit class is customizable to meet your time, location, and content needs. View MCC's pathways

We have customized training for more than 100 employers in our 9-county region. 


Are your employees performing at their peak?  Corporate Colleges can help assess their strengths and weaknesses and recommend improvements through training or process changes. We offer both standardized and customized assessments. 

Business Consulting 

Corporate College offers a team of experienced consultants who are trained in academia and are also industry experts. They've helped businesses like yours by: 

  • Analyzing local industries and job market trends.
  • Identifying the most sought-after skills and certifications.
  • Tailoring training programs to your specific industry needs.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your training on employee performance.

Why reinvent the wheel? Leverage their expertise to ensure your training programs are relevant and impactful. 


"Instructor was very good at NOT moving on until everyone understood the subject." --BNSF

"The gap analysis conducted by Day Boswell was extremely beneficial to InnovaPrep. It has helped focus our gap closure activities and will help us be ready for an actual ISO 9001 certification audit." --InnovaPrep

"The class was good. We are having more and more people use MasterCAM." --Continental Disc Cooperation