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Finish What You Started

Do you have past MCC debt that is keeping you from completing your degree? Do you have at least 24 completed MCC credit hours?  You may be eligible for MCC’s debt forgiveness program, Finish What You Started.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for Finish What You Started?

  • Students who have not attended class at MCC in over two years;
  • Students who have completed at least 24 credit hours at MCC, but did not earn a degree;
  • Students who have a past due account balance with MCC of $1,500 or less;
  • Students who are not currently placed with MCC's outside collection agency;
  • Students who have a minimum 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average;
  • Students who are not in student loan default;
  • Students who have some type of funding to cover the newly enrolled classes, including having a current FAFSA on file.

How do I apply for the program?

Click on the Request More Information link above and complete the request. Someone from MCC will reach out to you within a few weeks.  You also need to submit a completed FAFSA and reapply for admission to MCC.

I have a balance at an institution other than MCC.  Do I qualify?

MCC cannot forgive debt owed to other institutions. In order to enroll and possibly receive federal financial aid, MCC has to receive official transcripts from any schools attended.  Debt to any other institution would have to be resolved to obtain the transcript needed.  

What are the requirements after I am accepted into the program?

  1. Sign the program agreement form with all the program expectations outlined.
  2. For three consecutive semesters:
    • Enroll in at least six or more degree-related credit hours;
    • Maintain a minimum 2.0 semester GPA;
    • Complete two Online Financial Literacy Sessions each semester;
    • Meet with assigned advisor:
      • Once in-person within 2-4 weeks of the start of the term;
      • Once by phone, email or in person by midterm;
      • Once in-person before the end of the term (this meeting can also be used to enroll into the next term).

How is my balance to MCC forgiven?

MCC will forgive one-third of the balance owed after the program participant successfully completes the requirements each term. Student will be free of the debt after completing three consecutive successful terms.

Tuition and Fees

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