Employee Relations and Training

Employee relations

The human resources department is committed to assisting Metropolitan Community College (MCC) employees in developing and maintaining a positive work environment. The employee relations team serves as a resource for both employees and supervisors, to assist in fostering good working relationships between employees and their supervisors.

As we provide guidance on workplace issues, we focus on promoting a professional, collaborative work environment, with mutual respect, encouraging a positive work environment and proactively resolving workplace concerns.


  • Consultation – provide guidance and advice to employees, supervisors and leaders on work-related issues and concerns to foster a positive work environment.
  • Conflict Resolution – Assist employees and supervisors in resolving problems and conflicts in the workplace.
  • Performance Management – Provide coaching and training to supervisors and leaders on managing employee performance to ensure a productive work environment.
  • Policy Interpretation – provide guidance on MCC’s policies and procedures.
  • Investigations – Investigate and resolve work-related employee complaints.

Helpful resources

Training and development

Metropolitan Community College (MCC) recognizes that our most valuable asset is our employees. The human resources department develops and delivers innovative training programs that are designed to assist MCC employees achieve success in their roles, while supporting career development. We also support providing programs that enhance MCC’s organizational effectiveness.

To meet the needs of our employees and support the strategic objectives of the organization, the human resources department offers an array of training and development opportunities. These opportunities are presented in the forms of in-person courses, online learning resources, and webinars. Additionally, the human resources department offers customized training to individuals and work teams.

In addition to the training and development opportunities offered through the human resources department, MCC has partnered with New Directions Behavior Health and the Kansas City Professional Development Council to provide additional training programs for our employees.