Grades Explained

Your record

MCC maintains your official academic record, which includes the following:

  1. Directory information, a list of all courses you enrolled in, the grades and points for those classes, the number of credit hours you have attempted and earned, the cumulative GPA, honors earned and degrees or certificates awarded.
  2. Your degree plan.
  3. Your high school transcript and transcripts from other colleges.

The only people who have access to student records are MCC faculty and staff members carrying out college business.

Viewing grades or transcript

See your grades at myMCCKC. Once there, click on "grades" under academic history in the academic section of your StudentCenter. This is the only way to view transcripts. Grades will not be mailed to you. To see your transcript, go to the "Other Academics" drop down box and select "Unofficial Transcripts."

Grade points

The point values for letter grades:

A - 4
B - 3
C - 2
D - 1
F - 0
W (withdrawal), S (satisfactory), U (unsatisfactory), P (passing) or Au (audit) - 0

Calculating GPA

To determine your GPA, use this handy calculator.

To do it yourself, multiply the number of credit hours for each course by the points (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0) earned for that grade. Add the total for all classes together and then divide that by the total number of credit hours. (Do not include classes for which you received a W, P, I, S, U, or Au or when duplicate classes have been repeated.)

Auditing a course

Auditing lets you attend and review a class without grades or tests. No credit is given and fees are the same as for a credit course. If you wish to audit you must declare when you enroll. Auditing a class can affect your financial aid eligibility and your GPA. Please check with your Student Success Advisor before auditing a class.

Retaking a class

The best way to improve your GPA is to retake a class for which you received a "D" or an "F". The grade remains on your transcript, but the last one you earn is the one counted in your GPA. (Determine your GPA by using this calculator.) You may also retake a class that was transferred from another institution as long as the course is evaluated as an exact match. Other colleges may have different policies. There may be limits on the number of times you may repeat the same class. Retaking a class can affect your financial aid eligibility so be sure to check with your Student Success Advisor.

Changing a grade

A grade change request may be made in writing for a final grade, not including withdrawals or incompletes, to the instructor up to 120 working days following the posting of the grade.

Other ways to earn credit

Check with records/admissions to see if you are eligible.

By certification. You can get credit for non-college experience if you meet certain guidelines. Only experiences that relate to an MCC program are eligible.

By examination. You may be given credit up to 30 hours in certain subjects by passing exams.

For advanced standing. Courses taken at other colleges become part of your permanent record. Only those equivalent to courses in your MCC program can be applied toward an MCC degree or certificate.

Final exams

Every MCC class has a final exam. If you miss it, you may be able to make it up if you've done satisfactory work and have a good excuse, such as an illness. Otherwise, the instructor may give you an F. You should:

  1. Notify the instructor as soon as possible, provide a reason for your absence and ask for a grade of Incomplete (I).
  2. Make up the final exam as soon as possible to remove that grade.


To be an honor student, you must be enrolled in six semester hours or more and have a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher. Each campus has its own honors program. Contact a campus Student Success Advisor or counselor for more info.

Satisfactory academic progress

You must maintain a certain GPA and progress toward a degree or certificate completion to stay enrolled. In addition, federal financial aid or some scholarships require you to meet specific standards for progress.

Check the requirements of your scholarship or ask for help from the campus financial aid office.

Academic renewal

You may be able to have poor grades excluded from calculation of current academic progress at MCC if they were earned at least five years ago. Other colleges may have different policies.

Dropping a class

Students may drop a class through their myMCCKC student center or by visiting with a Student Success Advisor. Dropping a class after the 100% refund period will result in a grade of "W" on the transcript. During the last 40% of a class, students will receive a grade for their academic progress. Student who stop attending class during this time period could fall below satisfactory academic standards and therefore receive a failing grade.

To get a full refund you need to make the drop decision early. Refunds are based on the date you officially drop a class. Talk with a Student Success Advisor before you drop. Dropping courses could affect your health insurance, financial aid, scholarships or A+ eligibility.

Withdrawal from MCC

To withdraw from all classes before the end of the semester, complete a drop/add form, which is available at a Student Success Advising, counseling or development center. We can also mail you the form. Return the completed form to the admissions/records office as soon as possible because the date it is processed becomes the official date of withdrawal on your permanent record. That date may determine your semester grades. (For example, if the date falls during the last quarter of the semester and you are doing unsatisfactory work, you'll get an "F"). Also if you receive federal or state financial aid, you may be asked to repay funds.


You are expected to attend every meeting of every course. MCC may dismiss you from class for the following reasons:

  1. If you have been absent for two consecutive weeks (or the equivalent time period for short-term courses).
  2. If you have missed one-third of scheduled sessions that semester. In some cases, an instructor may enforce an even stricter attendance policy. If you have a valid reason for being absent, consult with your instructor who may grant permission to make up the work.

If you stop attending

If you stop attending class, you will not be automatically withdrawn. You must officially withdraw at myMCCKC or by visiting with a Student Success Advisor. If not, your grades will be recorded as "F", which will affect your GPA and may cause other problems. Do not assume your instructor will drop you.