Health Science Institute Virtual Hospital


To facilitate the acquisition of skills and knowledge for efficient, safe, evidence based patient care through simulated healthcare experiences and promote the need for life-long learning.

The facility

MCC's virtual hospital is a 10,000 sq. ft., accredited, healthcare simulation center that provides an unmatched learning environment for healthcare providers and students. The virtual hospital is a realistic healthcare facility that hosts a variety of events and collaborates with businesses and organizations.

Virtual Hospital Classroom

Emergency Room 108A

Control Room

Debrief Room

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Labor and Delivery (OB)


The virtual hospital space includes:

Human patient simulators

The Virtual Hospital Simulation Center is home to 17 incredibly life-like, high-fidelity, human patient simulators that mimic various patient scenarios giving us the ability to provide a wide variety of simulation experiences in a safe, controlled, clinical learning environment. The virtual hospital's family of simulators include the following:

Gaumard Scientific

Elevate Healthcare

  • Apollo Nursing - advanced wireless patient simulator
  • Athena - advanced wireless patient simulator
  • PediaSIM - 6 year old child human patient simulator
  • CAE Learning Space - simplified simulation management for clinical education
  • METIman Nursing - advanced male wireless adult male patient simulator
  • METIman Prehospital - advanced wireless adult male patient simulator (no link it’s an older simulator)


We utilize the Avkin AvBirth and AvTrach wearable simulators for SP actors to enhance realism of simulation scenarios:  Visit the Avkin website for more information.

Interprofessional Mass Casualty Simulation Event

The Virtual hospital works with MCC Faculty from Healthcare and Emergency Provider Programs to stage an Annual Interprofessional Mass Casualty Simulation.  

In 2023, the simulation had 168 MCC students that participated as learners.  8 MCC Programs were represented including Health information Management, our Associates Degree in Nursing Program, as well as our Practical Nursing Program, Radiologic Technologist, Surgical Technologist and Paramedic Program, all from Penn Valley’s Health Science Institute.

The Fire Academy and Police Academy from Blue Rivers Public Safety institute participated.  MCC student participants find the interprofessional mass casualty simulation is a wonderful opportunity to experience a low frequency high risk event in a safe learning environment. 

Scheduling the virtual hospital facility

Please email for more information about renting space in the virtual hospital.

To request more information about educational opportunities for your students or employees please contact the MCC-Penn Valley Virtual hospital staff at