Missouri CORE 42

General education courses guaranteed to transfer to any public Missouri college or university

CORE 42 is a statewide general education course of study intended to ensure that all graduates possess a common core of college-level skills and knowledge. CORE 42 also facilitates the transfer of those credits among Missouri’s public institutions of higher education.

CORE 42 is made up of dozens of courses distributed across five knowledge areas. These courses are designated with a Missouri Transfer (MOTR) course number, which guarantees the one-to-one transfer of these courses among all Missouri public institutions of higher education. 

Designated CORE 42 courses

When viewing the MCC class schedule on the website or in myMCCKC, you will see a note at the end of the class description. See example below in bold. (MCC's ENGL 101 course fulfills the MOTR ENGL 100 course requirement in CORE 42.)

ENGL 101 - Composition & Reading I (3 credits)

Prerequisite: ENGL 90 with a grade of S, or appropriate placement test score. Focus on instruction in the composing process that includes exploration of ideas through reading, methods of writing development, and use of writing conventions. Instruction takes students from reflective expression to critical analysis through writing. (MOTR ENGL 100)

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For more information about CORE 42, visit the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development website.

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