Final Exam Schedules

Find your campus below and click the link to open an Adobe Acrobat PDF file detailing day, evening and/or weekend schedule.

General notes about final exams

  • Final exams are given in all MCC classes and students have a responsibility to take them.
  • Students have a responsibility to contact their instructor if they miss the final exam.
  • A student who has done satisfactory course work but who misses the final exam may be allowed to make it up if the instructor believes the reason for missing the exam was reasonable. However, if a student misses the exam and has no reasonable explanation for missing it, the instructor may give the student an "F."
  • Two hours are allowed for each final exam.
  • Exams for classes with laboratories are scheduled by lecture hours.
  • Students who have a conflict in exam times or have three or more final exams scheduled on the same day may arrange to reschedule one of them with the permission of the instructor.