Dual Enrollment

Earn college credit while in high school with dual enrollment.

Dual enrolled students take MCC classes before completing their high school diploma/certification. A dual enrolled student is enrolled in both college coursework and high school (or homeschool) coursework at the same time.

The two programs are operated separately, and students receive college credit upon successful completion of their dual enrollment courses. In some cases, the college credit earned by a student can count toward the high school/homeschool certification only if the high school or homeschool association approves. These courses are taught at MCC via on-campus or online delivery by MCC instructors.

Dual enrollment process

Financial information

Tuition for dual enrolled students is half the cost of standard tuition (based on the status of in-district, out of district, or out of state) until they graduate high school. Students can pay by mailing a payment, paying online, or paying in person at the nearest campus. Students are also responsible for purchasing required books as identified per course.

For more information on payment deadlines, financial responsibility, and returned checks, please visit the tuition and fees section. The amount of tuition depends on where a student resides, in district, out of district, or out of state.

Student eligibility

Dual enrollment students must meet all prerequisite requirements for any course, including satisfactory placement test scores in English, reading, and mathematics as required by MCC policies for all college-level students. If they are receiving dual credit with their high school, please refer to the dual credit eligibility requirements.

Student support

Dual enrollment students have access to the same college resources that current MCC students utilize.

Dropping/Withdrawing from a dual enrollment course

Withdrawing is a formal withdrawal from a course. It must be done by the withdrawal date provided by MCC to display as a “W” on the student’s transcript. This shows the course was attempted, but it does not factor into the student’s grade point average. Students should be aware that transcripted Ws can negatively affect financial aid eligibility in the future.

MCC recommends that students contact an academic advisor before withdrawing from any MCC course.

If a student wishes to drop a dual enrollment course and not be charged, a withdrawal must requested as soon as possible by the specific withdrawal deadline. The refund period is defined in the tuition section of this site. After the deadline, the student will be responsible for the full cost of the course.

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