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As a Project Success participant, you'll benefit from a long list of valuable services while at MCC-Penn Valley.

You'll learn what you can do to improve your grades, get more out of class, make more efficient use of your time, pack greater productivity into study hours, overcome obstacles, set goals and widen your horizons in ways you never thought possible.

But the greatest benefit of all is the pride you'll feel because you're succeeding in college!


Helpful links

Link Category Description

Spark Notes

Study skills

A site that has summaries on almost every topic from any course imaginable. You can log in and become a member. It is free and very useful!

DVDs for Schools

Study skills Free stuff here! This is primarily a math website, but it also has English and some other subject areas. You can download tests, quizzes, games and puzzles to help you with your classes.

Study skills This is an online reference desk. Here, you can find links to almost anything. This website is also a search engine.


Study skills Get help solving many different types of math problems.

Ingram Library

Study skills Fill in the blanks and this site will set up your citation for you.

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Scholarships and financial aid Fill out your FAFSA online. This process has never been easier or quicker.


Scholarships and financial aid This site lets you search for scholarships based on your own profile. Takes some time, but time is money.

Scholarships and financial aid This is your free online guide to all U.S. Government programs benefiting students.


College readiness Link to free graph paper

Purple Math

College readiness Free online math lessons at