Economic Development

Is your business growing? Is your company adding new positions and investing in the next wave of technology in your industry? Do you have a big need for employee training and professional development to keep up with product demand? If this situation sounds familiar, then Metropolitan Community College may have resources available to help keep your business on the cutting-edge.

The Economic Development unit supports the economic development of businesses and the community by identifying workforce needs to enter, sustain, and grow a business in a changing world; by assisting and supporting private sector investment; and by creating opportunities for the creation of wealth and increase in the standard of living for all in the communities served.

This is done through collaborations and partnerships with community stakeholders, identifying the labor force needs of businesses and industry today as well as in the future, encouraging entrepreneurialism, being the conduit to introduce supportive resources for business growth and sustainability, and uniting communities in the region for more broadly shared economic well-being and quality of life.

Our Commitment is to SHAPE a better future:

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Skilled Workforce Missouri Program

MCC partners with the State of Missouri to administer and coordinate funding to help companies address their workforce needs. The Missouri One Start Program (MOS) offers flexible training grants and targeted employee recruitment services to businesses in the Kansas City area.

Just in the last few years, Metropolitan Community College has helped over 40 companies secure more than $10 million in workforce funding. Businesses, both large and small, have used these funds to provide on-the-job mentoring, customized curriculum and technical skills training for their employees. These economic development programs have been used to attract and expand such businesses as Faurecia, Aviation Technical Services, Ford Motor Company, Honeywell and Bayer Crop Science.

Training dollars are flexible and can be used to partner with MCC through:

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