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Programs offered

Academic Tutoring - Math, Writing and Other Subjects

  • Assistance with course content. Focused on understanding course material.
  • If you are a faculty member seeking an academic workshop, please contact MCC-Longview student success at lv.learningcenter@mcckc.edu.



"Not only did I see a huge difference in my grades, but I learned how to pace myself and study areas I really struggled on. The more I went to the math lab the more my assignments and test become easier to me. I think that all students who struggle in math should really visit the math lab at least twice a week. I truly believe it helps you understand all your problems better."

"Because the learning center was so helpful to me in areas where I struggled, I became a tutor to help others in the same way." James

"Every time I walk in, I leave learning something new."

"I feel all the tutors have been very respectful, helpful and helped me see things in a different perspective in my writing."

"The writing studio has helped me with all my writing assignments. I see myself becoming a better writer every time I come in."

"The learning resources is the reason why I am getting through school and passing classes. Words cannot express my thankfulness for all the tutors who help the students. The math lab is amazing I would not have passed math without it. Also the chemistry lab. I love the tutors and I cannot express how thankful I am for everyone."