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Each year, the H&R Block Foundation, partners with the MCC Foundation and MCC-Penn Valley, awards scholarships to a number of MCC students as part of the Henry W. Bloch Scholars Program.

This scholarship provides the opportunity to earn an associate's degree from MCC-Penn Valley and continue on to the University of Missouri-Kansas City to earn a bachelor's degree**.

Students are selected to receive this prestigious scholarship based on review of the following criteria:

  • Have financial need and be Pell grant eligible; nor be considered for traditional scholarships due to past academic performance or life circumstances
  • Be a graduating high school senior or have a GED, or be a current MCC student with no more than 30 credit hours earned a with a cumulative grade point average  of 2.5 minimum GPA.
  • Plan to attend MCC-Penn Valley*. Be pursuing an associate degree at MCC-Penn Valley and have intent to complete their bachelor’s degree at UMKC
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America, eligible for in-state tuition at the partner institutions, and reside in an urban neighborhood of the Kansas City metropolitan area. This includes Jackson, Clay, and Platte Counties in Missouri and Wyandotte and Johnson Counties in Kansas. 

* Henry W. Bloch Scholars must attend classes on campus at the MCC-Penn Valley campus (no online classes).

** Nursing, Middle and Secondary Education excluded

What the scholarship awards:

  • Funds to pay for tuition and fees each semester***. (Scholarship is renewable for up to six semesters.)
  • A personal coach to help you learn the ropes and stay motivated.
  • The opportunity to continue your education and renew your scholarship at UMKC when you complete your Associate in Arts degree (General) with an emphasis in your intended UMKC major at the Metropolitan Community College -Penn Valley.
  • Encouragement to keep working towards your dream.

 ***Recipients may not qualify for any other MCC Scholarships

How to apply for the Henry W. Bloch Scholars Program

Richard Lara, Henry W. Bloch Scholars Program
Malcom T. Wilson, Student Enrollment Center
3201 Southwest Trafficway, Box 145
Kansas City, MO 641111
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and include a copy of your Student Aid Report 2020-2021 provided by FAFSA with the application.
  • Include a written recommendation from one of the following (current or most recent school): an instructor, a college counselor, staff or administrator or a high school counselor or administrator with the application. The recommendations by an academic professional at the applicant’s current or most recent school should be someone who is well acquainted with the applicant’s academic work and character. 
  • Include  a one-page essay addressing the following: "How will becoming a Bloch Scholar impact my educational and career goals?" Within the essay identify your strengths, accomplishments, academic performance, struggles or life circumstance overcome, and your educational goals, if you know them.
  • Include Unofficial Transcripts – HiSET (GED), high school (recent H.S. graduates and/or no prior college credit) and all transcripts for all college course work and institutions attended

For additional information contact Richard Lara at 816.604.4315.

Henry W. Bloch Scholars Program History

It's the American dream. Two men start a company on a $5,000 loan and a prayer and turn it into one of the most successful companies in the world. It becomes a tax service that serves more than 24 million customers at more than 13,000 retail outlets and whose own tax return shows billions in income.

It is an amazing success story. Yet the H in H&R Block, Henry Bloch, was not a scholar.

Kansas City roots

Henry Bloch was born in 1922, and attended Southwest High School. He was an average student at best, struggling to make the grades. His college career spanned the University of Kansas City and the University of Michigan, from which he graduated in 1944.

After distinguished WWII service, he and his brother Leon founded a bookkeeping company, the United Business Company. After several disappointing months, Leon left the business and another brother, Richard, joined the company.

On the brink of canceling one of the side services they offered clients, tax preparation, they were persuaded to try running an ad. The day it ran, Henry received a fateful message from his brother, "Hank, get back as quick as you can. We've got an office full of people!"

The rest is history

In 1955, the two brothers founded H&R Block. In just a few weeks. they grossed more than $20,000. The next year, they made more than $65,000.

In 1957, they began franchising the business. In 1962, the company made $800,000 and became a public company. Today it is a multi-billion dollar company.

A scholarship with a twist

In honor of his retirement from the Corporation, The H&R Block Foundation created a scholarship in Henry Bloch's honor that does NOT require a high gpa, high ACT score or a high rank in school. Since 2000, this scholarship has provided funds for tuition and fees for average students like himself who have the drive and determination to succeed.